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Programs For Boomers

America on the Move
Quick Start Guide

America On the Move is a national initiative designed to help all Americans achieve healthier lifestyles.

Eat Right,  Move More
by Jyl Steinback

A Guide for Kids & their families from
America’s Healthiest Mom

Pedometer Walking
by Robert Sweetgall

A new look at walking, longevity, weight management, and active living.

Quotable Byron
by Jon Bradley

Words of Wisdom, Faith, and Success for Life and Golf
by and about Byron Nelson, Golf’s Great Ambassador

Stepping Out With Stanford

A Step-by-Step Guide to 10,000 Steps a Day. Developed at the Stanford Preventions Research Center of Stanford University School of Medicine. Based on the Six-Step Method for Behavioral Change, originally developed by John Farquhar, a cardiologist, and the Center’s founder.

Steps to Healthy Bones

by Mary Concannon


The Step Diet
by James Hill, PhD.

Count Steps, not Calories, to Lose Weight and
Keep It Off Forever.

The Ultimate Survivor Challenge

Be an Ultimate Survivor…live well and live longer through an active lifestyle.

Walk Yourself Thin

by David A Rives

The Fun Way to Get Thin and Stay Thin!